"A heart stopping tale that unfolds with the pace of a literary thriller, about human fragility and the momentum of evil, I Was Here is a tour de force of storytelling, equal parts Paul Haggis and Tobias Wolff, told with the fierce empathy that fans of Kadish’s first two novels have come to know as distinctively her own."
- Rooster / DailyLit
“A story of evil's aftermath that somehow manages to be both terrifying and profoundly kind, I Was Here is more than an extraordinary novella - it is an announcement that Rachel Kadish, long one of our most promising writers, is now a literary force to be reckoned with.”
- Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, author of The Mind-Body Problem
Taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by downloadable serialized fiction, I WAS HERE broke ground as the first title in Rooster’s new series. Now read it as an e-book.

"Tolstoy Lied is a brilliant novel, one of the wisest books I've read about love. Why is happiness the deepest secret? Tolstoy Lied is a love story for our time."
- Carol Gilligan, author of In a Different Voice
Tolstoy Lied is a love story with heft, weight, and dazzle.”
- Tova Mirvis, author of The Ladies’ Auxiliary and Visible City
“Rachel Kadish's Tolstoy Lied is a penetrating delight. Through the utterly absorbing experiences of its narrator we rethink afresh the ancient problem: what is love and is it worth it? The vibrancy of the writing makes it feel as if this question is being asked for the very first time. This is a novel bursting with the immediacy of experience and the profundity of reflection.”
- Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, author of The Mind-Body Problem, winner of MacArthur Award

"Rachel Kadish has written a book that's wise beyond the years of most Americans. From the opening page, her novel brilliantly braids history, religion, family, and eros. I was moved by it, and very impressed. This is the debut of a remarkable young writer."
- Russell Banks, author of Affliction and Cloudsplitter
From a Sealed Room is politically astute, emotionally honest, and displays all the technical mastery of a mature writer. The most assured debut I’ve read in years.”
— Caryl Phillips, author of The Nature of Blood